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website design


Want to edit your website after it's built? Quite right too, regularly updating your site is a crucial part of keeping people coming back to the site.

Provided you can fill in a form like this you'll be able to edit a Givemewow website. Click below to find out more:


Reasons to use Givemewow website design?

  • High impact design
  • Optimised for all devices - mobile to desktop (mobile-friendly)
  • Flexibility - you can do as much or as little of the site upkeep as you want
  • Editing guide supplied
  • Friendly advice and support
more reasons

Mobile First

Your website needs to work on all types of devices these days, smartphones, phablets, tablets, laptops desktops… 'Responsive design' is the solution; a website which changes styling to suit the viewer's device. All Givemewow websites are designed 'mobile-first' - this means starting with what will display your information best to a phone, then enhancing the layout for larger sizes. Not only does this ensure a good mobile experience, it focuses thinking on what is actually essential in your communication, often cutting 'flab' from your desktop site too.

Frontend development

Are you a backend developer looking for a designer to work with? As well as the designs, I write HTML5; CSS3 with scss; Wordpress, and Drupal (and just enough js to get by).

The HTML and CSS of this site is my handiwork, though obviously built on the work of so many in the web community sharing their greatness, and includes awesome scripts such as Slick - see the blog for details about the challenges involved.

So if you need someone to work with on a project, get in touch.

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